Choosing the right people in forming teams to handle your business can become your biggest challenge.

As a business owner, the challenge is selecting the best people to whom you can entrust many operations.

From managing inventories, keeping budget tracks, and writing content, how do you have the time to choose from hundreds of talented candidates suitable for the role?

There are other pressing concerns in running businesses and organisations besides attending to recruitment work.

One of the best solutions you can do is outsource the job to another type of manpower – the nonhuman workforce.

Don’t be afraid to use Artificial Intelligence (AI), software, apps, and digital systems in running your business.

Something as affordable as Writesonic can help you quickly create, scale, and manage written content for your blog, social media posts, and SEO work.

Invest in an AI content generator like Writesonic to help you keep the barrage of content that will bring traffic to your website and your business.

What is Writesonic?

Writesonic is a tool that helps businesses, organisations, and professionals produce high-quality written content.

The platform combines the power of AI and human creativity to create unique, valuable written content that ranks.

If you are a business owner, a writer, or a marketing specialist that needs a helping hand in jumpstarting your writing process, Writesonic is a tool you should seriously consider.

Writesonic AI Content Generator Review 2023

Who created Writesonic?

Writesonic is one of the youngest AI writing generators in the field.

The founder launched Writesonic in 2020 and rapidly scaled in 2021 to include other products for long-form content, summarising tools, and paraphrasers.

Computer scientist and entrepreneur Samanyou Garg is the CEO and brains behind Writesonic.


Top benefits and sample uses of Writesonic

Over 300,000 users utilise Writesonic and continue to rely on the platform to bring in written content.

You can improve content work on your business by using Writesonic.


Benefits of using Writesonic

  • Write content at the speed of light!


Writesonic allows users to produce blogs, product descriptions, social media posts, and other forms of content ten times faster.

Start writing and completing your output ahead of time using Writesonic AI content generator products.

  • Save money without sacrificing your content


We all know how expensive it is to choose professionals who can keep your business writing.

If you still need to set a budget to hire a team, Writesonic offers affordable packages for your writing needs.

  • Communicate with a community of writers, SEO professionals and business owners


One of the best things about Writesonic is its growing community of users from all professions and walks of life.

Get the best advice, input and random daily musings with Writesonic’s Discord community.


Sample uses of Writesonic

  • Create any form of written content about any topic


TOPIC: Machine Learning in 2023

Machine Learning in 2023


Machine Learning in 2023 2

Generate social media captions


Generate social media captions


Generate social media captions 2
  • Create images from AI

SEARCH: Vincent van Gogh in modern era

Create images from AI


Create images from AI2

Best Features and Capabilities of Writesonic

Writesonic is a broad suite of AI content generator products relevant to thousands of users and businesses.

The value and benefit of Writesonic don’t end with creating written content, and extend towards other useful features too!


Features of Writesonic

AI Article, Blog Writer, and other Writesonic writing tools

Write fresh, unique and high-ranking content any time with Writesonic’s AI writing generator.

You will never have to worry about producing engaging blogs, captions or descriptions for your target audience.


Surfer SEO Integration

Do you use Surfer SEO as a Search Engine Optimisation tool?

Writesonic allows users to integrate the AI Writer into Surfer SEO to write and optimise content in another prominent SEO tool.


Writesonic API access

The accessibility of Writesonic isn’t limited to its web app and browser platform.

If you use platforms other than SEO Surfer, integrate an AI content generator, via API access that allows you to write anywhere at any time.


Capabilities of Writesonic

Follows user-inputted commands

The interface of Writesonic mainly revolves around filling up input boxes so you can tell Writesonic what to write about.

Writesonic has more than 80 AI writing tools, including various forms or structures of content available in 24 languages.

Assists users via Chatsonic – Writesonic’s AI Chat Assistant

Converse with Writeonic’s AI chat Assistant for anything!

Chatsonic acts as a chatbot you can converse with, command, or use as a guide to exploring Writesonic.

Assists users via Chatsonic – Writesonic’s AI Chat Assistant

Produces images via Photosonic – Writesonic’s AI Image Generator

Have you ever heard of AI generated photos?

Photosonic, Writesonic’s AI Image Generator, paints any photo you describe in the software.

Produces images via Photosonic – Writesonic’s AI Image Generator

Writesonic Pricing

Choose from the pricing plans of Writesonic below: 

  • Free trial – free use for every month with a word limit cap of 2,500 premium words
  • Long-form – starts at $19/month or $12.67/month, paid annually for 19,000 premium words
  • Custom Plan – Contact Sales for pricing plans that fit your business needs

Writesonic Pros, Cons and Limitations

Writesonic has continued to be valuable for many users since its launch.

Are you looking for the next best tool that assists you in creating content for your business?

Below are the pros of using Writesonic: 

Writesonic Pros

✔︎ Affordable AI content generator 

The base price of Writesonic is affordable compared to other platforms.

If you are exploring AI writing generators to compare each platform, the Long-form plan provides a reasonable start before you commit to the platform.

✔︎ Wide range of tools powered by AI models

The entire Writesonic platform is a suite of tools that elevate AI use for words, graphics and general AI.

Explore the various AI tools in the platform to help you start with writing content or adding images. 

✔︎ Smooth user interface

Writesonic has a stylish website with a smooth design.

Access various tools within your screen and generate content according to your needs.

Writesonic is a relatively young platform with much to offer in the content generation landscape and SEO industry.

Nevertheless, Writesonic is young and still has a long way to go, particularly needing improvements in the following criteria:

Writesonic Cons and Limitations

  • Writesonic can benefit from an overall refinement of the platform 

Writesonic reportedly suffers from regular crashes and glitches.

Writesonic AI can benefit from revamping its writing models and datasets.

  • Be attentive to word consumption to avoid raising subscription costs

One of the most common downsides to consumption-based subscriptions is how quickly they fill up.

Be wise in your word consumption because Writesonic can become costly if you add more words to the word cap before the month ends.

  • Requires a proofread  or a once-all overview before content publishment

There will be instances of content repetition or uncanny flow between words since the written output still comes from an AI.

It’s best to proofread and edit accordingly, especially if you produce long-form content.

As the world is expecting the release of the more powerful GPT-4, Writesonic may need to keep up with it since it currently uses GPT-3.

Other platforms are available below if you are after more sophisticated tools to generate written content.

Writesonic Alternatives

  • Jasper
  • Copy AI
  • Copysmith

Personal Experience: Writesonic is an exciting tool that excels in its mission to aid writers in creating written content!

Setting up the Writesonic account is simple, as the platform allows new users to log in via email, Gmail or the new user signup form.

The platform displays all the tools in the dashboard, showcasing the most recommended AI writing generator tools to new users.


The most noticeable aspects of Writesonic are listed below:

✔︎ Writesonic asks a couple of things for technical parameters, such as the topic, keywords, word quality, article length, number of generated output, language, and tone

✔︎ The editor is half the screen size, which makes efficient space to write about the topic while using the generated content as a basis for writing about the topic

✔︎ The additional tools on the left sidebar offers easy access to other tools, so users don’t need to keep going back and forth the user homepage to use the tools for an existing write-up

Personal Experience Writesonic
Personal Experience Writesonic 2

Writesonic makes writing articles, rewriting content, and generating ideas uncomplicated.

The company pays attention to providing a smooth user experience, ensuring that even new users who need to learn how to use the platform can easily explore Writesonic.

It’s still best for users to perform regular edits and proofreading work to ensure flawless outputs.

Conclusion: Should you buy Writesonic?

Writesonic is one of the most popular AI content generators online for many reasons.

First, it provides a premium suite of relevant AI tools to help writers develop content.

Second, the freemium trial of Writesonic is sufficient to give new users time to decide if it’s a platform worth buying.

Third, the design, style and overall aesthetic value of Writesonic are topnotch!

Hundreds of other AI writing generators are out there if you are looking for a platform that provides a more flexible and generous value for money and sophisticated AI output.

Writesonic is best for writers, professionals and businesses that need to constantly generate new ideas, plus doing the legwork of writing unique content.