AI Course

Transition away from the conventional working week and welcome a new, AI-efficient tomorrow that simplifies tasks across all experience levels. Reclaim 1-2 days of precious time every week - time to innovate, strategise, and propel your vision forward.

Conventional work week to AI-efficient future

Our approach goes beyond theoretical knowledge; it’s centered around immediate, practical solutions that make a measurable difference. Prepare to revolutionise your efficiency and productivity with our AI-centric tools and groundbreaking methods.

Join the ranks of forward-thinking marketers and entrepreneurs who are leading the charge with AI proficiency

Course Outline

This course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive learning experience that combines strategy and execution to guide you throughout the learning process.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect session:


Introduction to Marketing and the Growing Influence of Artificial Intelligence

  • Understanding how marketing changed overtime and how it can maximize your business potential
  • Advantages and challenges of integrating AI into marketing strategies
  • How you can leverage AI to go faster and produce higher quality work for what you’re already doing
  • Prompt engineering principles and techniques
  • Priming chatbots
  • Learning about AI tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, Midjourney and more


Market research and defining Brand voice using AI

  • Learn different elements of marketing campaigns
  • Creating a customer profile/avatar for your target clients/customer
  • Understanding customer value journey
  • Importance of brand voice and how you can use AI to establish your brand voice (Jasper and chatGPT)


Implementation of Marketing campaign in different channels

  • AI and SEO
  • AI and Content Marketing
  • AI and SMM
  • AI and Email Marketing
  • AI and SEM


Marketing campaign Analytics

  • Identifying Metrics and factors that optimise marketing effectiveness on each marketing channel 
  • Set key performance indicators (KPIs) for each channel based on your marketing objectives

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    Efficiency & Optimization

    Covers the evolution of marketing, principles of AI in marketing, market research, content generation, campaign strategy, and analytics.

    On-Demand Access to Materials

    All sessions are recorded and made available for convenient access anytime, ensuring you never miss out on valuable insights

    Practical Templates & Exercises:

    Apply what you learn through hands-on templates and exercises designed to facilitate the practical application of AI in marketing strategies

    Diverse AI Tools Exploration:

    Explore and learn to use various AI tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, and MidJourney, enhancing your toolkit for diverse marketing challenges.

    Seemless & Conventient Training Experiences:

    This program is designed to be user-friendly, even for those without extensive technical knowledge for a seemless and hassle-free experience.

    Proof of using AI in content creation

    Entering Prompt to Midjourney

    We wanted to generate an image of knolling Korean kimbap for our article. With Midjourney, you can provide it with a prompt describing the image and elements you want to see in the image.

    Using the created AI image to website

    The image generated by Midjourney perfectly captures the attention to detail characteristic of knolling photography with the details provided in the prompt. This image is an example of how artificial intelligence can be used to create stunning and unique food photography.

    Build Anything To Innovate and Scale

    AI can transform and innovate your marketing. Use AI tools to streamline tasks and analyze results, saving time and boosting impact. Personalize campaigns with AI to better connect with your audience across all channels. By learning about AI in marketing, you’ll gain future-proof skills that give you an edge in your industry.