about me

CEO and Founder of Aemorph

Kevin started in digital marketing, specialising in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) after leaving a career in banking and finance. He now has 12+ years of experience with a proven track record of boosting website visibility, driving organic traffic, and achieving top search engine rankings across diverse industries such as F&B, finance, insurance, e-commerce, medical, and B2B services. Kevin’s deep understanding of SEO allows him to identify industry-specific SEO opportunities and craft winning strategies for most niches.

He also thrives in remote work environments, cultivating strong team dynamics over the past seven years while delivering exceptional SEO results to businesses. He now leads a team of 33 members spread across 7 countries, enhancing productivity through streamlined processes and workflow automation. These processes include Google Sheets automation and the use of no-code platforms to facilitate seamless collaboration. Artificial intelligence has been incorporated to augment existing workflows. Kevin’s ability to translate abstract ideas into practical solutions demonstrates the transformative power of accessible AI and no-code solutions useful for any business.


Leveraging his years of experience in SEO, technology, no-code software, artificial intelligence, and remote team management, Kevin recognises his ability to empower others to achieve similar results. His passion has led him to develop comprehensive training programs designed to equip individuals and businesses with the knowledge and skills to solve complex business challenges to achieve success.


His approach focuses on actionable learning, ensuring learners can put their newfound skills and strategies into practice right away and allow them to build upon their knowledge and continuously develop their expertise.