You want to produce more content, but you also need more ideas. 

It takes time and effort to produce the most effective and witty content for your target customers.

Not only can this be a nerve-wracking task, but it can waste plenty of time intended for developing the business.

Content is the lifeblood of any online marketing strategy, and coming up with new ideas can be tough. 

Don’t fall into the trap of spending more time creating ideas before writing than actually writing your piece.

There are AI content generator tools at your disposal to assist in keeping content easy and smooth-flowing.

Introducing Copysmith, the AI-augmented brainstorming partner that will help you develop ten times more content ideas than you would on your own.

What is Copysmith?

Copysmith is an AI content generator for businesses and organisations wanting more revenue.

As an AI-powered writing assistant, Copysmith helps users create unique and refreshing content, specifically copies.

Generate unique content ideas, write fast, and increase conversions with Copysmith.

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Who created Copysmith?

Copysmith is an idea that resulted from the work of two sisters.

The founders of Copysmith, Anna Wang and Jasmine Wang, launched the AI content generator in 2020.

The platform uses GPT-3 technology, and the company headquarters is in Birmingham, Alabama.


Top benefits and sample uses of Copysmith

Take advantage of the benefits that Copysmith has to offer.

Scale your business and create content simultaneously with Copywmith.


Benefits of using Copysmith

  • Create copy in seconds

Copysmith is mainly for creating compelling copies for your prospect conversion.

Create the best ads, captions, and content to connect with your readers, bringing more to your business.

  • Integrate Copysmith into other platforms

Are you using Google Docs or Zapier, or another software?

It’s time to use the power of multiple tools without leaving Copysmith behind.

  • Rank higher with Copysmith AI content generator

Stay up to date with changes in the field of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Start with an idea from Copysmith and continue writing high-ranking content.

Sample uses of Copysmith

  • Write Facebook ads for any product

PRODUCT: AI Writing Assistant


  • Produce a blog intro and add more content

TOPIC: AI Copywriting Generators

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  • Brainstorm ideas with your team

TOPIC/PRODUCT: AI Writing Assistant

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Best Features and Capabilities of Copysmith

The benefits and sample use of Copysmith do not end there!

Here are some features in the platform that can help your business create content.


Features of Copysmith

Use Case selections – from Copysmith

No AI content generator works without AI-powered Use Cases.

Select from the library of Use Cases to start creating your copy.

Template and Use Case library – from Community and Copysmith users

Copysmith features a lot of involvement from a community of users.

Users can select featured templates and Use Cases that others gladly share on the platform.


API Access and Chrome Extension

Don’t like swapping back and forth between tabs in the browser while creating content?

Copysmith’s API access and chrome plug-in allow users to bring Copysmith anywhere outside its platform.


Capabilities of Copysmith

Creates images from Art Studio add-on

Copysmith is also an AI image generator, producing images you can showcase for that caption, ad, or email sequence.

Access the Art Studio, input a description, and wait for Copysmith to produce four images.

Integrates Frase to generate SEO keywords

Need keywords to optimise your content fully?

Copysmith has a built-in Frase integration to bring you the most searchable keywords for your content.

Generates copies in bulk!

Using Copysmith when you are only getting one result or content defeats the purpose of using AI content generators.

Produce thousands of product descriptions, SEO meta tags or content ideas in minutes to streamline your creative process.

Copysmith Pricing

Below are the prices for each of Copysmith’s plans.

  • Free trial – free use of Copysmith for seven days
  • Starter – $19/month or $190 annually, unlocking two months of free Copysmith plan
  • Professional – $59/month or $590 annually, unlocking two months of free Copysmith plan
  • Start Up – $299/month or contact Copysmith for custom plans

Copysmith Pros, Cons and Limitations

AI writing generators like Copysmith are a growing technology helping businesses worldwide.

Each platform has its edge and drawbacks, which you must consider when choosing your AI copywriting assistant.

Below are the pros of Copysmith:


Copysmith Pros

✔︎ More affordable than other AI writing generators

With plans that cost as low as $16 per month, Copysmith has become one of the most affordable AI writing generators for creating copies.

If you are a starter exploring AI platforms to help in writing, Copysmith is one of the most accessible tools, budget-wise.

✔︎ Focuses on copy content

Copysmith is better for producing copies on the web.

If you aim to write persuasive copies to sell more or convert readers, Copysmith generates multiple variations of content on Bulk Copy.

✔︎ Allows collaboration with many members

Are you working with a team of other writers and creatives?

Add your members to projects and workspaces to access files and output.

The winning point of Copysmith is this: It is an affordable AI copywriting generator for businesses.

As the platform focuses on copies, take note of the drawbacks of the platform below:


Copysmith Cons and Limitations

  • Works best for short-form content

The platform is more reliable as an AI-powered short-form content generator.

Best to use Copysmith for copies, ads, headlines, or landing pages to maximise features.

  • Credits may expire

It’s best to use Copysmith often if you have a subscription.

The credits may expire before you can maximise the platform.

  • Needs additional payment for some Add-ons

There are Add-ons, like the Art Studio, available within the platform.

However, these are not free, and you need to add these items to your subscription.

It is only possible to use all the available features of Copysmith if you pay for additional features in your monthly or annual subscription.

If you want an all-inclusive AI content generator for creating copies, refer to the alternatives below:

Copysmith Alternatives

  • Anyword
  • Smart Copy by Unbounce

Case Study: Digital Marketing Agency owner scales business with Copsymith

Masterly Business Solutions, a Digital Marketing Agency by Selle Evans, struggled with scaling her business.

Because she knew that getting the best professionals may not be enough for her current budget, she used Copysmith to achieve the following:

✔︎ Create copies and content for her clients 

✔︎ Integrate workflows with Copysmith to maintain a system in her business

✔︎ Maximise Copysmith’s platform due to generative AI 

Copysmith has once again helped a business achieve goals sooner.

With its large selection of templates spread across specific Use Cases, Selle Evans was able to provide her services to many clients.

Over time, the AI in Copysmith adapts and tailors preferences in her account, giving her the best user experience from all other platforms she has tried. 

Conclusion: Should you buy Copysmith?

Copysmith is a sleek platform that does not fall flat in user experience.

Other platforms may lack intuitive, well-designed UI despite having a powerful AI.

The case does not apply to Copysmith.

Each user account starts with a panel opening to Create, allowing users to select from various templates.

Writing for content is not time-consuming once you click the “Generate” button, and the Copysmith AI bot is present anywhere for user inquiries and issues.

Select Copysmith if you want to focus more on creating powerful copies in a beginner-friendly platform; Copysmith makes AI copywriting generation simple and fun.

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