Managing creative tasks is time-consuming, not to mention costly.

When you rely on other professionals to create written content for your business, the challenge can leave your business with less budget.

Where can you find affordable alternatives for creating creative and original content?

Don’t jump into selecting a marketing team first, lest you want to spend big and blow your business budget in one go.

Consider AI content generators that can do your copywriting and content writing job.

There’s no need to look and research for long periods to look for the most efficient AI tool in your content. is an AI-powered tool that can propel your business forward with excellent copy and high-ranking content.

What is

Only powerful Artificial Intelligence powers in creating content.

It’s a suite of AI writing tools that help businesses create unique content within seconds

If you are looking for a potential AI writing generator for scaling your business, is one of the best tools available. AI Content Generator Review 2023 1

Who created

Pepper Content is the beginning of

Anirudh Singla and Rishabh Shekhar started with the idea of creating written content.

Eventually, the pair built a foundation and launched in 2020.


Top benefits and sample uses of brings value to many businesses and professionals.

Here are some of the top benefits of using


Benefits of using

  • Generate unique and compelling content creates plagiarism-free content.

The power of AI means that has endless possibilities to keep writing and rewriting content – all unique!

  • Select from the library of content types

Each platform hosts templates and structures for content and copy. is similar and offers some of the most popular content types in its roster, including social media, copies, and long-form content.

  • Access a Resource Center to maximise platform features

Are there features in you don’t know about?

Visit the Resource Center and read some articles on how to create the most efficient and powerful content for your business.


Sample uses of

  • Write a Quora Answer to a specific question

QUESTION: How can help scale businesses? AI Content Generator Review 2023 2

SAMPLE OUTPUT: AI Content Generator Review 2023 3
  • Write SEO Meta Descriptions

PRODUCT/TOPIC: AI Content Generator Review 2023 4

SAMPLE OUTPUT: AI Content Generator Review 2023 5
  • Write Amazon Product Descriptions

PRODUCT: AI Content Generator Review 2023 6
  • SAMPLE OUTPUT: AI Content Generator Review 2023 7

Best Features and Capabilities of

Experience the best writing with

The platform hosts a lot of features for users looking to create content regularly.


Features of

Fast AI content generators

Create emails in 30 seconds and generate landing pages in 30 minutes! focuses on producing the best content with speedy results.

Earn free rewards allows users to gain rewards for being active within

Gain rewards from writing your reviews on several platforms and referring the platform to others.

More than 25 languages 

English is the primary language that the platform operates in.

Nevertheless, choose from a selection of over 25 languages for your output. 


Capabilities of

Modifies projects according to user preferences allows users to set each project.

Input the Tone of Voice, Target Audience, Output Language, Product USPs, and Call to Action, to unify all the content in the project. 

Keeps track of account history

One of the best things about is that it tracks content history.

Access AI-generated content at a certain time from weeks ago and modify the content.

Syncs user notes in multiple user Workspaces

The platform features a Notes tab at the lower right portion of each Workspace.

Write notes for your teammates about anything from using the best content types for the AI content generator or general project guidelines within syncing Notes. Pricing

Refer to the pricing plans of below.

  • Free trial – free 5000 words cap
  • Personal – $35/month or $25/month paid annually
  • Team – $199/month or $165/month paid annually
  • Enterprise – Contact Pros, Cons and Limitations

Are you ready to scale the content of your business?

Writing does not need to be complicated, with valuable tools like providing various templates for your products and services.

Here are the pros of the platform: Pros

✔︎ Generous free trial

The free trial of, capped at 5000 words, is more than enough for users to explore the capabilities of the AI writing generator.

Maximise the free cap to know if you want to push through with the platform’s plans.

✔︎ Resource Center provides thorough information about

The Resource Center is the hidden gem of this AI content generator.

If you need help or have random questions, visit the Resource Center of the web app or website to learn more about any topic.

✔︎ Easy to use and navigate the platform

The design and style of are well-thought.

Compared to other AI writing generator platforms, it’s one of the sleekest platforms online.

Overall, is easy to use and offers many content types, and you can experience these while using the free trial.

To know how fares against other platforms, refer to some weaknesses below. Cons and Limitations

  • Focuses on short-form content does not have an editor for long-form content.

It only generates short-form content, which is its primary offering.

  • Sparse updates and upgrades in the platform

Reports and online user feedback have shown that the platform barely rolled out some updates since last year.

It’s best to contact the team at if you wish to see them roll out some essential features.

  • It’s not the most affordable AI content generator

Other AI content generators are more affordable than

If you want to go with a more affordable option, consider the other platforms of AI writers online. is a relatively expensive AI writing tool focusing only on short-form content.


If you need another platform that offers more updates and includes long-form content types as well, consider the alternatives below. Alternatives

  • Anyword
  • Copysmith
  • Smart Copy by Unbounce

Case Study: VerSe Innovation improves Click-Through Rate (CTR) with

VerSe Innovation is a content technology company in India.

As the business grew, the VerSe Innovation team had challenges scaling content and began using to achieve the following:

✔︎ collaborating with large teams of content creators and writers

✔︎ localising content, adding more time to the overall writing process

✔︎ writing content faster than before delivers on its promise to generate unique and compelling content at lightning speed.

VerSe Innovation was looking for efficient and effective ways to grow the business through localised content.’s support for various languages expanded the content for the company, improving the CTR and the turnaround time by 70% and 50%, respectively.

Conclusion: Should you buy offers businesses a way to streamline the content writing process.

It is one of the sleekest AI writers, with multiple content types fit for several platforms and online spaces.

First, the platform showcases short-form content types.

Second, the free trial allows users to add 25 other members to a project.

Don’t buy if you are more inclined to write, edit, and build long-form content like SEO blogs and long articles.

Choose if you aim to write copies, captions and SEO, working with large teams of other copywriters, marketing professionals and SEO specialists. AI Content Generator Review 2023 8