Time is money.

Running a business means each second counts.

Business owners could lose many opportunities for focusing on the wrong things.

Instead of letting your teams focus on a time-consuming task, let software do the work.

Use applications and programs to generate creativity in driving any content for your business.

The rise of Automation, Software, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) means that there are solutions for every business owner to consider as an aid in running the business.

Businesses can let the digital workforce operate businesses from any standpoint, such as marketing, accounting or supply chain.

There are faster ways to create content for marketing your business; don’t let content creation consume you and stop you from meeting potential customers.

Allow AI content generator tools like Jasper to cut your time in half when creating different forms of written content.

What is Jasper?

Jasper is a content generator tool powered by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence.

The platform consists of various AI-powered products: an AI writing generator, an AI art generator, and an AI chatbot.

Jasper is one of the most popular tools in the market, with over 70,000 users globally.

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Who created Jasper?

The founders of Jasper are Dave Rogenmoser, Chris Hull, and J.P. Morgan.

They released Jasper in 2020, which continues to grow annually in revenue and customer base.

The headquarters of the company is in Austin, Texas.


Top benefits and sample uses of Jasper

Hundreds of AI are in the market, providing benefits to people.

Jasper is no exception to this, and continues to provide benefits and use to its user base.


Benefits of using Jasper

  • Create written content straight from AI

The primary function of Jasper is as an AI content generator.

Expect unique and intelligently written content from Jasper’s products

  • Generate unique output for content in as fast as seconds

Time is a luxury, and Jasper makes it easy to create unique content.

Create your next blog, Instagram caption or copy in seconds!

  • Access AI output that covers 29 languages

The intricacies of language have always affected content.

Don’t worry, as Jasper is available for languages other than English, such as Japanese and Spanish, among many others.

Sample uses of Jasper

  • Create a blog post using command prompts

COMMAND: “Write about Artificial Intelligence trends in 2023.”

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Jasper AI Content Generator Review 2023 3
  • Ask Jasper to summarise the content

COMMAND: “Summarize the blog above in two sentences.”


  • Command Jasper to create ads

COMMAND: “Create ads based on the summary above.”

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Best Features and Capabilities of Jasper

Jasper excels in providing AI-generated content.

Enjoy the help of AI with this feature-rich AI content generator.


Features of Jasper  AI

Jasper Boss Mode

Jasper’s Boss Mode allows users to write long-form content.

Get started with your 2000-word blog, reports, or email campaigns, and finish your output in half the time you usually create these long writeups.


Jasper Starter

The Starter feature allows users to access up to 50 templates.

Create the next Facebook Ad headline, SEO title and meta descriptions, or product descriptions.

Jasper external – Chrome extensions and Surfer SEO integration

It’s easy to use Jasper in different spaces, such as browsers and SEO tools.

Use Jasper via a Chrome extension, and maximise AI-generated content in Surfer SEO. 


Capabilities of Jasper

Follows commands you write in its command prompt

To start using Jasper, access the prompt on the platform.

Tell Jasper to write something and iterate the command using the various templates available.

Creates art in seconds

More than being an AI writing generator, Jasper can create art.

Add the graphics and photos to add to your captions or emails.

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Jasper Chat is an intuitive chatbot that you can converse with.

Use the chatbot for exploring the platform or generating content; you can even use the chatbot for jokes to make you laugh!

Jasper Pricing

Refer below to the pricing plans of Jasper:

  • Free – upon signup, free writer AI for only 3000 words
  • Boss Mode – starts at $59/month for 50K words, or $49/month paid annually
  • Business – starts at $499/month, but best contact Jasper for a custom plan and price

Jasper Pros, Cons and Limitations

AI continues to grow every year.

Jasper is no exception to changes worldwide and will have some strengths and limitations.

Below are the advantages of Jasper


Jasper Pros

✔︎ Offers a generous free start when users sign up

New users can maximise Jasper before signing up for the platform.

Claim as much as 10,000 words of written commands output for your first month.

✔︎ Many users around the world have rated Jasper exceptionally

Jasper has been one of the standard benchmarks in AI content generation.

Many users have given Jasper as many as 4.9/5 stars as a rating.

✔︎ Provides resources to its users

Need help figuring out what to do when you are in Jasper?

You can access tutorials, live discussions, and extensive QA from the platform.

Jasper is one of the sleekest platforms for AI content generation, and it continues to be a valuable tool and resource for many businesses.

Despite the platform’s features, Jasper may need some refinements from its limitations listed below.


Jasper Cons and Limitations

  • Maximising the commands takes time

You can do many things with Jasper since it’s a powerful AI writing generator, meaning it can take time for users to grasp what they can do in Jasper.

A featured set of the most used commands, use cases, or templates would be better.

  • Prices can increase exponentially

At $49/month for 50K, Jasper can become expensive.

Better monitor your word usage frequently to balance platform word credit consumption.

  • There’s no urgent help desk for concerns

Jasper needs the proper channels to help address any urgent issues.

The absence of a helpdesk or live agent can become frustrating due to a lack of urgency in support and response.

Jasper poses a steep experience from a price and learning standpoint, and the customer service needs a little more improvement to cater to users.

Consider the alternatives below if you need another platform to match Jasper’s features.

Jasper Alternatives

  • Writesonic
  • Rytr
  • Peppertype.ai

Case Study: Mongoose Media increases traffic with Jasper and cuts writing time by more than half the time

Mongoose Media is an agency that specialises in providing digital services for Shopify stores in baby, beauty, and food niches.

The owner of the agency, Lauren Petrullo, has decided to integrate Jasper to do the following:

✔︎ Create blogs ranging from 1,500 words to 3,000 words

✔︎ Analyse content output for optimisation, such as keyword selection and placement

✔︎ Help the team and Mongoose Media clients create content that will drive more traffic

As a writer AI tool, Jasper became a tool of choice for Mongoose Media.

Using Jasper brought in solid results for the clients of Mongoose Media, driving as much as 166% of traffic because of optimised, original, and rich blogs.

Mongoose Media increased organic traffic while using Jasper even if Google released the Helpful Content update.

Conclusion: Should you buy Jasper?

Jasper is a sophisticated tool and AI content generator.

The platform features help businesses create unique content and apply SEO to content.

Moreover, Jasper houses many templates that already help cover most content structures.

In short, Jasper offers high value for the amount you pay for.

The only downside is that dependence on Jasper can quickly rack up your bill, costing as much as $600 per month for 700,000 words.

Choose Jasper if you need help writing original content from a reputable platform that offers flexibility and customisation.