Creating a good, compelling copy is challenging.

Not all writers can have the knack to tap into their target market’s needs to drive more sales or traffic to the business.

Not to mention, writer’s block happens, and creativity sometimes runs dry.

You have to think of a great headline, find the right words to say, and ensure that all copies are error-free and engaging.

What can you do before bringing in ridiculously expensive and professional copywriters for your business?

Enter: Smart Copy, an easy-to-use AI content generator that helps you create copies like a professional.

Get ready to see the magic of an AI Writer that allows business owners to focus on their venture while Smart Copy writes content!

What is Smart Copy?

Smart Copy, formerly known as, is an AI copywriting generator and many other software in an extensive suite of AI tools.

Unbounce aims to bring Smart Copy forward as a way for businesses to streamline the writing process.

The AI writer does not only generate copies but also helps users create blogs, emails, and landing pages.

Smart Copy AI Content Generator Review 2023

Who created Smart Copy?

Rick Perreault is the founder of Unbounce, the company behind Smart Copy.

Along with Carter Gilchrist, Oli Gardner, Carl Schmidt, Justin Stacey, and Jason Murphy, the founder launched the platform in 2009.

The origins of Smart Copy trace back to Vancouver, British Columbia, and the company currently comprises 215 people. 


Top benefits and sample uses of Smart Copy

If you need to scale your content efficiently, it’s best to consider investing in software to help you with the task.

Smart Copy offers the following benefits and uses to its users:


Benefits of using Smart Copy

  • Produce blogs and copies with minimal input


Smart Copy utilises AI technology to create blogs and copies for the business.

Write anything you need with basic info or writing requirements input in Smart Copy.

  • Generate content at an efficient speed


Smart Copy values speed that does not sacrifice quality.

Create content properly with the best AI copywriter without spending days and weeks thinking of creative ideas.

  • Access Smart Copy externally


Smart Copy Chrome Extension allows you to work on your copy in a different browser.

You don’t need to switch back and forth between tabs to complete your project.


Sample uses of Smart Copy

  • Write landing page copies


TOPIC: The Smart Copywriter For You

Sample uses of Smart Copy


Sample uses of Smart Copy 2
Sample uses of Smart Copy 3
  • Produce content ideas

TOPIC: Smart Copy – the AI Copywriter For You

Sample uses of Smart Copy 4


Sample uses of Smart Copy 5
Sample uses of Smart Copy 6
  • Generate recruitment interview questions for Human Resources

ROLE: Professional Copywriter

Sample uses of Smart Copy 7


Sample uses of Smart Copy 8

Best Features and Capabilities of Smart Copy

The AI industry continues to launch different products and companies every year.

Each software has features and capabilities that set it apart, and Smart Copy offers these best features to users. 


Features of Smart Copy

45+ AI content generator templates

Smart Copy offers more than 45 content templates to choose from.

Write anything from blogs, web copies, paid ads, emails, and even HR Recruitment questions. 


Smart Copy Chrome Extension

Do you work within web apps and your Google Chrome workspace?

Integrate Smart Copy within the browser so you can access an AI writing generator whenever you are in Google Chrome.


Smart Copy desktop app

If you are working in Google Chrome and need Smart Copy within reach, why not take it a step further?

One of the best features of Unbounce’s Smart Copy is its desktop app, which you can use side-by-side with Microsoft Word, Photoshop or Slack, amongst many others.


Capabilities of Smart Copy

Writes itself!

Smart Copy introduces its Writer, a long-form AI content generator!

It’s a page that writes itself, allowing users to write anything under the sun.

Capabilities of Smart Copy

Stores different Projects

Do you need to write for multiple brands, companies or products?

Create, edit and modify content by making a new Project in your collection, ensuring each project is profiled with a specific name, description, target audience, and keywords.


Produces miscellaneous content types

Need to generate Pros & Cons charts, Fortune Cookie Messages, or Error 404 pages?

Smart Copy’s Miscellaneous tools push forward boundaries and offer to write and build content for the most random places.

Capabilities of Smart Copy 2

Smart Copy Pricing

Refer below to the pricing plans of Smart Copy by Unbounce:

  • Free – free use for ten credits or ten generated content
  • Essential – $9/month or $8/month paid annually
  • Unlimited – $49/month or $40/month paid annually

Smart Copy Pros, Cons and Limitations

Smart Copy has strengths and weaknesses that users must look out for.

Choosing the best-fit AI content generator or AI writer is a challenging task, considering you will be spending on software in your business.

Here are some of the pros of Smart Copy:


Smart Copy Pros

✔︎ It is an AI content generator and landing page builder product

Smart Copy does not only focus on providing content.

Though there is a landing page generator in its suite, Unbounce also offers its Landing Page product to get a seamless experience creating high-converting copies.

✔︎ Unbcounce posts many resources in its Learn tab

Are you new to using Smart Copy by Unbounce?

The platform provides incredible resources on its website to help first-time users and beginners maximise the best templates, products, and modifications of Smart Copy.

✔︎ Clean UI

Smart Copy has some of the sleekest designs among many AI content generators.

The design of the platform feels comfortable but does not lack in displaying the right amount of words on the screen.

Smart Copy is an affordable, feature-packed AI writer focusing on creating copy templates and landing pages.

On the other hand, it’s best to deliberate on some weaknesses, so you can set the right expectations in using the software.


Smart Copy Cons and Limitations

  • You need to pay for other features


The Writer feature, a “page that writes itself”, produces long-form content.

The catch is this: it’s an additional feature that you need to pay for with the Essential plan to gain credits that you can use to access Writer.

  • Other products have a different pricing plan than Smart Copy


Unbounce offers other products that have a different pricing scheme than Smart Copy.

If you want to use the Landing Page product, it’s best to compare the price plans on the Unbounce website.

  • Lack of plagiarism checker


Writers and copywriters must create error-free and original content.

However, with Smart Copy’s lack of plagiarism checkers, you may need another software to run the checks on your AI-generated content.

Smart Copy was launched in 2021 and is a platform that continues to improve and develop since its launch.

If you are looking for more established AI writers or AI copywriting assistants, it’s best to consider the alternatives below:

Smart Copy Alternatives

  • Copysmith
  • Anyword

Personal Experience: Smart Copy offers some of the most random content templates on its platform

Smart Copy has gained a lot of users and feedback since its launch, and for a good reason.

Unbounce offers a good deal by providing ten free credits that new users can explore and use around the platform.

Here are some observable things about Smart Copy that you can scout around as well:

✔︎ The top part of the dashboard displays all the templates users can use to create AI-generated content

✔︎ Each template requires minimal input and generates content within seconds of pressing the “Write for me” button

✔︎ There is a notepad popup on the right side of the screen where users can write notes 

Smart Copy is best for writers looking for a wider range of templates to structure content.

Most templates are fit for AI-generated copies, and Unbounce focuses this product on short-form content.

The only downside to using this platform is if you need to write longer content.

Smart Copy Alternatives

Conclusion: Should you buy Smart Copy?

Smart Copy is reminiscent of its brand name.

It creates smart, AI-driven, fresh copies to land businesses more traffic, revenue, and impressions online.

If you are a writer who wants to create longer-form content, this product is not for you.

The Writer feature is still in its new launch phase and may require you to pay more on top of mostly-focused short-form templates in its list.

Buy Smart Copy to create and build high-converting copies for various online channels and is within an affordable price range.

Bonus: Smart Copy is an AI content generator for copywriters and content writers who may also transition towards creating a landing page, another product that Unbounce specialises in.