All businesses want to rank on the First Page of Google search results.

If you are in the business of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it is a frightening reality for all business owners who want to launch on the web: There are billions of websites on the web! 

Out of almost two billion websites online, about 200 million are active; that number is still relatively large.


Keeping track of your website’s performance against the competition is not only challenging.

It may be an impossible thing to do without the help of advanced tools in the market.

Rank tracking software continues to give value to online spaces because these advanced tools will follow your website’s position on the web.

For every professional in the field of SEO, a rank tracker is not only an accessory; it’s a necessity.

It’s time for you to invest in an SEO tracker like Semrush to know where your website currently stands among the pages of Google or Yahoo.

What is Semrush?

Semrush is a leading Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) platform that offers a rank-tracking tool.

It is a highly reputable suite of SEO tools that millions of users use daily.

As the platform continues to surpass its reputation, consider Semrush one of the most referenced SEO tools on the internet.

Who created Semrush?

what is semrush

In 2008, Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov founded Semrush.

Semrush is the product of a small group of SEO specialists and IT professionals that wanted to launch a product that will help solve a problem:

Keeping website positions and performance in the search engines transparent.


Top benefits of Semrush

Semrush acts as an SEO suite of tools.

Below are some of the benefits of the platform to help you with rank-tracking analytics for your website:

  • Optimise websites to land the top results of search engines efficiently

Semrush SERP Tracking Tools will help you know where your website currently stands.

The higher up you are in the search results, the more valuable your website is on the internet.

  • Formulate a better marketing strategy with Semrush

Now you know the rankings of your website, what’s next?

It’s time to create a working marketing strategy that will improve your position online with all of Semrush’s tools on the platform.

  • Use other products of Semrush to start your work with website SEO

Semrush is not a stand-alone rank tracker.

It is a full suite of more than 55 SEO products that help businesses create and improve their standings online.

top benefits of semrush 2
top benefits of semrush 3

Best features of Semrush

There are tons of features users can take advantage of in Semrush.

Here are some features you can use to rank optimise website rankings:


Rank tracking tools

Track your website’s SERP positions using Position Tracking, Sensor, and Ranks in the Rank Tracking suite of products.

Each product in this suite indicates where you are currently in the search engines, the website position relative to the best domains in the niche, and tracking the changing Google algorithms.


Content tools

Semrush offers tools for creating content for your website as well.

Not only will you know the website’s rank, but you can also create written content within Semrush tailored to elevate the ranks in the search results.


Social Media tools

Social media and websites often go hand-in-hand to link different marketing channels of the business.

Use the social media tools in Semrush to optimise your social media presence on large platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.


Partner integrations

Semrush works with some of the biggest tools in the industry, complementing its rank tracker products.

Browse the Partner Integrations in the platform and continue using the products you are already familiar with on the web.


Extra Tools

Semrush extends its offerings to other things beyond its product suite.

Go to the Semrush Extra Tools tab within the website to view other things, such as content writing services, efficient SEO changer tools, or powerful analytics software for written content on the website.

Semrush Pricing

Refer to the pricing plans of the Semrush platform:

  • Free – free trial for 7 days for any price plan or a free account with limited use of Semrush features
  • Pro – $119.95/month or $99.95/month if you pay annually
  • Guru – $229.95/month or $191.62/month if you pay annually
  • Business – $449.95/month or $374.95/month if you pay annually

Semrush Pros and Cons

Each rank tracker software has its fair share of pros and cons.

Users do not spare Semrush from constructive feedback and high praise.

Here are some of the pros of Semrush as a rank-tracking tool and comprehensive SEO suite:


Semrush Pros

✔︎ Offers valuable products for its price point

For the price of Semrush, you are already getting considerable tools and value for money.

If you want to expand functions to more than just rank tracking, such as keyword research, competitive analysis, and content creation, Semrush offers other product packages too.

✔︎ Provides tons of resources for users

Semrush offers a Blog, Ebooks, and Academy as resources for users.

To maximise the use of the Rank Tracking suite, use these resources for reference.

✔︎ Wide set of tools and integrations that users can access

Integrations are not only common in automation software, and Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (IPAAS) offerings online.

This is an advantage for users already familiar with using other SEO platforms and tools online; simply connect them to your Semrush account to sync insights and data.

Semrush is a full suite of products that aid in SEO, meaning that users get more than just the rank-tracking function for their website.

You do not need to subscribe to Semrush first before knowing in hindsight some cons, such as those listed below:


Semrush Cons

  • Highly technical software

Semrush can earn you a very steep learning curve that leads to time-consuming learning periods.

The ease of use for Semrush depends on how much technical knowledge you know about SEO.

  • Limited mobile app support

Semrush has limited mobile app support, so it’s best to log in to the browser in your Semrush account to have the platform’s latest features.

The last update for the iOS mobile app of Semrush was three years ago; 

  • It Can be expensive for users who opt for individual products

If you prefer a rank tracker tool only, Semrush is not for you.

You will be paying for a higher priced software that includes many tools you may end up never touching to assess your website.

Semrush is a big platform that comes within its considerable price tag and limited support for its mobile device counterparts.

As Semrush continues to offer its suite of tools, here are other rank-tracking tools that may be more flexible for your needs:

Semrush Alternatives

  • Ahrefs
  • SEO Powersuite
  • SE Ranking

Case Study: Local Bakery uses Semrush to increase brand visibility and sales

Edelweiss Bakery is a local bakery in Florida, struggling to gain an online presence.

The local bakery ended up with Why SEO Serious, an international agency that used Semrush for  the following:

✔︎ rehaul the SEO of Edelweiss Bakery’s website

✔︎ add content via website blog, social media accounts,

✔︎ add a thorough e-commerce page that showcased all of the bakery’s products

Edelweiss Bakery’s strategy to improve its current ranking in the SERPs turned out sooner than the realistic timeline!

The more common and realistic timeframe for seeing results from SEO strategy results is seven months.

Edelweiss Bakery’s website already had a 214% increase in organic traffic within four months.

Conclusion: Should you buy Semrush?

There is no one set specific rule to know if Semrush is the best platform for your rank tracking needs.

The platform is a very profound platform that offers the entire SEO rundown.

If you only need a rank tracker, don’t choose Semrush.

You will be paying for more than the rank tracking suite.

Semrush is for website owners looking for a wider scope of SEO.

Choose Semrush if you need a full suite of products to help track rankings, optimise on-page SEO websites, start social media SEO and add content regularly.

semrush conclusion