Formulating the best strategies to gain a solid internet presence takes time and budget.

The last thing you need to experience is launching marketing strategies that do not work.

It takes a lot of work and creativity to launch a website.

Keeping a large following on social media requires a lot of time.

Organic traffic is everything, especially for new business websites looking to have a good online presence on the internet.

With less than ten percent of websites getting the largest slice of the pie, your website needs to surpass established websites in the search engines.

What’s the best thing you can do to start keeping your rankings in check?

Choose a rank tracker platform like Ranktracker to keep your website in check.

What is Ranktracker?

Ranktracker is a Search Engine Optimisation tool for users.

The platform contains several products, such as a rank tracker, SERP checker, and backlink checker, among many others.

For SEO professionals and small businesses looking for efficient software in rank tracking, Ranktracker is one of the highly-regarded tools online.

What is Ranktracker

Who created Ranktracker?

In 2014, Felix Rose-Collins was frustrated with finding a reliable rank tracker on the market.

With this idea, he launched Ranktracker and expanded operations in Poland until Ranktracker became one of the staple SEO tools for thousands of businesses.

The headquarters of the company is in London, England.


Top benefits of Ranktracker

Many big companies from different industries use Ranktracker for SEO strategy and monitoring.

If you are a marketing professional or a website owner, below are the features of Rantracker:

  • Access SEO tools in an established platform

Ranktracker is a comprehensive suite of tools for SEO.

If you are looking for a platform that offers more than the typical work of a rank tracker, consider Ranktracker for your business.

Top benefits of Ranktracker
  • Use apps to access Ranktracker

Ranktracker constantly updates and upgrades its platform.

The product roadmap of the rank-tracking tool includes the launch of a mobile app within the second quarter of this year.

  • Perform SEO in multiple languages

One of the trickiest things about keeping track of ranks is the accuracy of rankings for other languages.

Luckily, Ranktracker has options for multiple languages apart from English.

Best features of Ranktracker

Ranktracker is a feature-packed platform that has been aiding SEO professionals for the past few years.

Maximise the platform below and use the following features for your SEO efforts:


Rank Tracker

Monitor the movement of your website with the rank-tracking software in Ranktracker.

Keep track of your competitors’ rankings, no matter what language you set.


Keyword Finder

Need to know which keywords will drive your organic traffic higher?

Use the Keyword Finder to uncover endless keyword suggestions and respective metrics for your selected search terms.


Web Audit

Websites grow bigger over time, keeping a growing number of media, webpages, and information.

Know which aspects are causing issues that can drive your traffic lower using the Web Audit.


Backlink tools

Keep an eye on the backlinks your competition uses to gain more authority in the SERPs.

Monitor your backlinks to know where most of the traffic comes from.


Free tools: SERP Simulator

Ranktracker offers a free tool for all viewers on the web.

The SERP Simulator allows you to get a rundown on the website data specifics such as meta tags and descriptions and character checks.

Free tools SERP Simulator
Free tools SERP Simulator 2

Ranktracker Pricing

Ranktracker is available for subscription with the pricing plans below:

  • Free – free use for seven days
  • Starter – $16.20/month or $13.50/month paid annually
  • Double Data – $53.10/month or $44.25/month paid annually 
  • Quad Data – $98.10/month or $81.75/month paid annually
  • Hex Data – $188.10/month or $156.75/month paid annually

Ranktracker Pros and Cons

No rank-tracking tool is perfect and each user experience is different.

Ranktracker has its strengths and weaknesses as an SEO tool.

Here are some of the pros you can benefit from using the platform:


Ranktracker Pros

✔︎ Basic and simple platform interface

Ranktracker is easy to use and set up.

Access all tools and features from the platform by logging in and setting up projects.

✔︎ Suite of tools that aid in basic SEO work

While there are many bigger brands that have other types of products, Ranktracker already contains basic products for SEO work.

If you are a beginner in SEO, use Ranktracker as a stepping stone to bigger platforms.

✔︎ Affordable plans

Ranktracker excels best in affordability.

It is by far the most affordable platform that starts as low as $13.50 for a monthly subscription plan.

Ranktracker is your basic suite for rank tracking work, which also comes in affordable packages, making SSEO more accessible to a wider scope of users.

Despite its high value for money, consider some of the disadvantages you might experience below:


Ranktracker Cons

  • Slow customer service

Different users have different experiences with using Ranktracker.

Many people point out the slower support from the company when it comes to issue resolutions and inquiries.

  • Occasional outages on the website

No platform is ever flawless and will sometimes experience downtimes.

Expect some outages from Ranktracker especially if there are updates to the platform.

  • Regular improvements and refinements can benefit the platform

Ranktracker is far from a platform that provides the entire package for ranking high online.

The platform is purely for professionals who wish to address SEO functions.

If you are looking for another platform that offers products for creating optimised content and keeping tabs on social media analytics, bigger platforms are available.

Consider some alternatives below that may cater to your website needs.

Ranktracker Alternatives

  • Semrush
  • SE Ranking
  • Sitechecker

Personal Experience: Ranktracker offers more features than its lowest-priced plan suggests

Everybody is always looking for the best 

Ranktracker focuses on affordability that does not lessen value and features.

Here are some things you can expect upon opening an account:

✔︎ A blue-themed platform with a cozy dashboard view of various metrics

✔︎ An option to set up the first website you want to rank and monitor

✔︎ A sidebar that presents the features and other products of Ranktracker

Ranktracker makes SEO work simple.

There’s no need to walk through tons of videos and tutorials unless you want to dig deeper into learning Ranktracker.

Ranktracker makes all its tools and features visible, so you can explore the platform in one go.

Personal Experience Ranktracker offers more features than its lowest-priced plan suggests
Personal Experience Ranktracker offers more features than its lowest-priced plan suggests 2

Conclusion: Should you buy Ranktracker?

There have been mixed reviews with Ranktracker.

Nevertheless, Ranktracker presents a very seamless user experience.

Beginners can use Ranktracker as a starting tool and introduction to the world of SEO.

It’s easy to use and it does not overcomplicate and overwhelm users with various customisations, settings, and options on the screen.

The only time you shouldn’t use Ranktracker is if you are looking for a more comprehensive platform of SEO tools.

Choose Ranktracker if you want to have a smooth time learning about the basics of SEO.