There is one truth about the world wide web.

Everyone is a competition.

Getting to the top results of Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine is the most coveted trophy for most businesses.

Don’t underestimate the hard work you need to do to keep your business website on the top results.

The work of ranking high falls farther from the conceptualisation of your website

Forget crafting the best website designs and putting the best gimmicks in your website; they are just one part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Your entire SEO strategy makes or breaks your website ranking.

A critical aspect of your SEO strategy is incorporating tools and software that ensure you have real-time information on your competitors.

Getting the right rank-tracking software is a non-negotiable if you want to stay on top of your game.

Keep track of your competition using rank tracker tools like Advanced Web Ranking.

What is Advanced Web Ranking?

Advanced Web Ranking is a rank-tracking tool that helps users monitor the ranking of websites in search engines.

In a world where every second counts, search results change all the time, and the current position of your business website is subject to high volatility.

Keep in check these changes with the best trackers like Advanced Web Ranking.

Who created Advanced Web Ranking?

Advanced Web Ranking is one of the most established rank-tracking software on the web.

The rank tracker was launched in 2002 and has continued to give users some of the most valuable and accurate website ranks.

Caphyon Ltd. is the company behind Advanced Web Ranking, and its current headquarters are in Craiova, Dolj, Romania.


Top benefits of Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking constantly ranks as one of the most mentioned and popular SEO tools.

Here are some benefits of using this tool for your business:

  • Monitor both local and mobile website search engine rankings 

Monitor your website ranks against competing businesses in your industry or niche.

Advanced Web Ranking is one of the most accurate rank checkers, meaning it does not rely on databases alone, but provides real-time data from local searches.

  • Search keywords your website can rank for 

Discover keyword suggestions that can put your website in the top search spotlight.

Advanced Web Ranking allows users to view metrics per keyword group.

  • Generate reports for your clients

Is your business about SEO, and do you need to show your clients the optimised results from your strategies?

Get tailored SEO results that reflect your brand and language.

Best features of Advanced Web Ranking

Make the most out of Advanced Web Ranking.

Use the following features for your first SEO strategy:


Rank Tracker

Access over 4000 search engines from around 170 countries worldwide.

Whether you want to be visible on Google, Youtube, or Amazon, Advanced Web Ranking can help you rank your site across multiple Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).


SEO Reporting

Are you putting up a business for SEO strategy or a web development agency?

Create insightful and customisable SEO reports using Advanced Web Ranking for your client’s website.


Competitor Analysis

Websites emerge daily, and your next biggest competition is likely starting to gain top ranking on the SERPs.

Perform in-depth market research from hundreds of websites that rival your business.


Developer API

Are you using another tool where you want to integrate the tools and functions from Advanced Web Ranking?

This rank tracker has a developer API to monitor ranks using other platforms and SEO products.


Free SEO Tools

Caphyon Ltd., the company behind Advanced Web Ranking, offers free SEO tools on its website.

Make the most of your SEO strategies in Advanced Web Ranking using free tools such as Google SERP Features, Search Demand Trends, or Google Organic CTR.

Advanced Web Ranking Pricing

Below is the price for each subscription plan of Advanced Web Ranking.

  • Free – free access for 30 days
  • Starter – $49/month or $44/month paid annually
  • Pro – $99/month or $89/month paid annually
  • Agency – $199/month or $179/month paid annually
  • Enterprise – $499/month or $449/month paid annually

Advanced Web Ranking Pros and Cons

Advanced Web Ranking is one of the top-rank trackers on the web.

The past two decades have contributed to the refinement and value that this rank-tracking tool brings to its users.

Below are the pros of Advanced Web Ranking.


Advanced Web Ranking Pros

✔︎ Easy to set up

The platform is easy to use, and if you are a beginner, Advanced Web Ranking is straightforward.

Create projects on the platform and start tracking websites that are part of your project.

✔︎ Generous 30-day free trial

Other rank-tracking software only provides a 14-day free trial.

Maximise exploring Advanced Web Ranking to know if it fits all your business needs.

✔︎ Accuracy of ranks

The strength of Advanced Web Ranking is its accuracy in tracking website ranks across hundreds and thousands of keywords.

Get only the most recent real-time search engine rankings of websites in your niche, industry, or location.

Advanced Web Ranking is a reliable tool for SEO strategists and specialists.

Nevertheless, there are things users need to take into consideration before using this platform, such as listed below.


Advanced Web Ranking Cons

  • The platform can look dated

Advanced Web Ranking is an old platform compared to other SEO tools online.

The design and overall UX of the website may not be as sleek and easy to navigate, even if it is easy to set up projects.

  • Occasional crashes

There are times Advanced Web Ranking crashes depending on project size.

It is best to be attentive to the projects you are working on in case of shutdowns or issues while using the platform.

  • Features and functions for the rank tracker need improvement

Other platforms have high-calibre tools in their rank-tracking roster.

Advanced Web Ranking may need to rehaul some functions and features to be at par or as advanced as some younger and sleeker SEO tools.

The company creates a tracker where users can stay informed of product updates and changes on their blog.

Otherwise, it would be better to consider the alternatives if you are looking for a more comprehensive platform with other products and services.

Advanced Web Ranking Alternatives

  • Semrush
  • Nightwatch
  • Ahrefs

Case Study: PropertyGuru aims for higher organic growth with Advanced Web Ranking

PropertyGuru is one of the premier real estate listings in Southeast Asia.

The company wants to optimise the behaviour of its regular site visitors, and uses Advanced Web Ranking to do the following:

✔︎ Track thousands of keywords per country location to know which words viewers use often

✔︎ Tailor the best content, e.g., landing pages, and blogs, so that SERPs post the best for each keyword basket

✔︎ Generate reports to keep track of the closest competitors, and to inform stakeholders of current SEO developments of PropertyGuru

Real Estate is a highly competitive industry that thrives on high consumer target strategies.

Using Advanced Web Ranking to optimise keywords in the most viewed content, PropertyGuru can change many website contents.

PropertyGuru generates reports from Advanced Web Ranking to know which strategies, keyword buckets, and content types attract the most visitors who are likely to click through the listed properties.

Conclusion: Should you buy Advanced Web Ranking?

Other rank trackers are better to aid you in your SEO strategies.

Bigger platforms offer a multitude of products that often include the scopes of SEO services, content creation, and overall web development tailored to SEO.

So why choose Advanced Web Ranking for your website?

Advanced Web Ranking is one of the most reputable rank trackers on the web that has served thousands of companies and businesses over the course of twenty years.

Choose Advanced Web Ranking if you are a beginner looking to map out the work of SEO with a generous free trial for users.

The 30-day trial and the free tools by Advanced Web Ranking are more than enough to give you a headstart in the field of SEO.