Our Team

We are a fully remote company, and our team is composed of members from diverse regions including Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, and Kazakhstan. With eight years dedicated to mastering a remote work setting, we have honed our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients while cultivating a strong team dynamic and a work culture that is supportive, inclusive, and values each individual team member.

Our Culture

Managing a remote team demands an adapted strategy to cultivate team engagement effectively. The absence of frequent face-to-face interactions can result in individuals overlooking collective goals and experiencing a sense of isolation from their peers.

  • Regular check-ins: Regular check-ins and catch-ups are done to sync up, discuss priorities, and reinforce goals promoting alignment.
  • Sense of fun and connection. We promote meaningful connections and strengthen relationships through regular all-hands company meetings and designated non-work-related channels.
  • Value and Recognition: We encourage team members to acknowledge contributions through gratitude journals or shoutouts and provide value for growth through regular feedback.
  • Training and development: We offer team members the chance to advance their careers and enhance their skills through training, mentoring and opportunities for leadership roles.

We aim to grow a team with diverse knowledge and expertise who can collaborate and work together effectively, even if we are in different locations. By implementing different strategies, we can create a strong remote culture where employees feel valued, connected, supported and engaged. 

Our Solutions

  1. Connect with skilled professionals whose expertise aligns with your business requirements.
    • There are skilled workers all over the world who can offer unique perspectives and skillsets. But this also presents its own challenges. It can be difficult to find the right team, determine the skills required and even more difficult to lead them effectively. Our strategy connects businesses with qualified remote workers worldwide, so you can find the perfect team member for your needs. Plus, our vetting process ensures that all workers are up to speed on the latest knowledge and techniques.
  2. Build and Lead Teams from Anywhere:
    • Our course is designed to provide you with the fundamental skills needed to effectively establish and lead remote teams towards success. Learn and understand and be able to implement proven strategies for effective hiring practices, seamless onboarding, and proficient team management to promote smooth collaboration, increase productivity, and strong team cohesion, overcoming the challenges posed by geographical barriers.