All businesses need a strategy to market their products and offerings.

In the age of Social Media Marketing and the presence of hundreds of search engines, enterprises have plenty of options to become more known to their target audience.

The starting point for every business looking for more modern ways to market is to set up official websites and platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

The question is if you have just invested a sizable amount in creating your website, how do you know it’s doing its job in putting your business out there?

It’s impossible for business owners to track any website among the SERPs and run a venture simultaneously.

You don’t have the time to do both, lest you have more legroom to hire another team.

The solution is to choose a rank tracker like Wincher to keep you posted about your website rankings in the search results.

Know which keywords drive the highest traffic to your website and tune your content to these specific words.

Get ahead of your marketing strategies by knowing which words or strategy works first.

What is Wincher?

Wincher is a rank tracker that allows users to track website rankings and keep a close eye on your Search Engine Optimisation efforts.

Wincher positions itself as a flexible rank-tracking software that is flexible and easy to use.

Get a bird’s eye view of your current competition and use it to your advantage to maximise your business identity online.

What is Wincher

Who created Wincher?

Kim Ängalid is the founder and the current CEO of Wincher.

The team behind Wincher launched the rank tracker in 2013.

The company’s current headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden, with a small team of, at most, twenty members.


Top benefits of Wincher

Wincher is one of the simplest tools for tracking the SEO of any website.

The platform packs a lot of features, and here are some of the benefits you will get if you use the rank tracker: 

  • Track the rank of keywords on your website

Keywords are the bread and butter of rank tracker tools.

Know how each webpage in your website performs with the keywords you have used to signify your business.

  • Access as far back as two years of ranking history for certain websites

Do you want to spy and know how your direct competitors fared for the past two years?

Wincher allows users to use the rank tracker and uncover your competition’s ranking history with keywords you want to add and analyse.

  • Get keyword recommendations to optimise website content

Numbers, graphs, and charts are only as useful with complementary insights.

Use Wincher as a rank tracker and get the best insights and recommendations for keywords so you can optimise content.

Best features of Wincher

It’s impossible to overcomplicate rank-tracking work with Wincher’s platform.

There’s a reason it has become one of the most popular rank-tracking tools online with its features below:


Intuitive rank tracker tool

Wincher has a simple rank tracker that presents all necessary information to users.

Perform comprehensive rank tracking for your selected keywords by manually adding search terms or uploading words from Google Search Console.

Best features of Wincher

Competitor tracking tools

Know your competitors are performing with the chosen keywords in your list.

The good news is you can access up to 24 months of rank tracking history and trace where your competitors started to gain traction with specific words.


Keyword research tool

Don’t know where to start and which keywords to use?

Wincher has a lot of recommendations backed with data and analytics in its platform; Browse for words that drive traffic to your website.


Accurate tracking database

An excellent rank tracking software is accurate and allows personalisation factors that allow you to understand what the average viewer sees when searching a certain term.

Wincher has access to more than 100K locations, in 40K cities, across 180 countries.


Full API Access

Is your team using multiple other software and tools to execute marketing strategies?

Wincher offers an API to access the most accurate rankings even if you are running another software.

Wincher Pricing

To avail of Wincher, note the subscription plans below:

  • Free – free use for fourteen days
  • Starter – $39/month or $33/month paid annually
  • Business – $74/month or $62/month paid annually
  • Enterprise – $289/month or $241/month paid annually

Wincher Pros and Cons

Wincher allows users to focus on collaboration and makes the rank-tracking results accessible.

The team’s philosophy behind Wincher is simplicity and ease of use.

As a result, Wincher has catapulted as one of the best rank-tracking tools in the market, with the following advantages:


Wincher Pros

✔︎ Easy to use and set up

With its philosophy in mind, note that Wincher exudes its promise.

The platform is easy to set up and presents a simple interface that allows users to explore the features seamlessly.

✔︎ Accessible rank tracker 

APIs can be a huge deal breaker for many teams and enterprises.

Fortunately, Wincher offers its API to allow Wincher access anywhere at any time.

✔︎ Free tools

One of the best pros of Wincher is it offers free tools.

Check On-Page SEO for free, and if you have a WordPress account, install the Wincher plug-in to get instant rankings and keyword suggestions.

Wincher Pros and Cons

Wincher is a solid platform with products and tool offerings that are valuable and easy to use.

It’s best to note the shortcomings of the platform listed below.


Wincher Cons

  • Can seem more expensive than other tools

The platform retails for more than $30 for a rank-tracking tool.

Some alternatives have a bigger suite of tools for the same price point.

  • Regular updates to add more features to the platform

Depending on the preferences of each user, there are many things that you can customise in the dashboard.

Wincher may benefit from more flexibilities and customisations like chart views or dashboard configurations.

  • Occasional glitches in the platform

All platforms and rank-tracking tools experience glitches and downtimes.

You may experience the same while Wincher fixes and adds more to its products.

Wincher focuses solely on tracking ranks and keyword research features.

If you are looking for platforms that offer other services such as all-around SEO audits, Content Optimisation features, and Social Media analytics, consider a bigger suite of tools (like Semrush) that offer more products in its roster.

Wincher Alternatives

  • Nightwatch
  • AccuRanker
  • Advanced Web Ranking
Personal Experience Ranktracker offers more features than its lowest-priced plan suggests
Personal Experience Ranktracker offers more features than its lowest-priced plan suggests 2

Personal Experience: Wincher provides a good user experience and wins in intuitiveness

Even if it’s my first time on the platform, the arrangement and presentation of SEO segments were not confusing.

I set up a sample run for Wincher’s demo website, which is


Here are some of the things that Wincher excels at:

✔︎ The dashboard is easy to navigate and gives users a first-hand view of what they can do on the platform

✔︎ The dark theme or colour of the platform is plus, considering there’s a lot of information flashed on the screen at the same time (personal preference)

✔︎ Users can keep many projects, keeping track of multiple websites same time on one platform

The first step for new users is to add the website address and the keywords they want to search for.

Each account allows management of multiple other accounts, so if you are managing various projects, you need to send the Wincher to invite via link to specific people part of the project.

The biggest hurdle for using Wincher may be that you’ll need to spend a few hours initially setting up the projects the moment you open the account.

Personal Experience Wincher provides a good user experience and wins in intuitiveness
Personal Experience Wincher provides a good user experience and wins in intuitiveness 2

Conclusion: Should you buy Wincher?

Wincher offers really good value for the price any user pays.

As a tracking tool for SEO professionals, it provides easy-to-digest information at first glance.

The design and style of the platform are not dated and look sleek and proportionate to the screen.

You should not buy Wincher only if you’re looking for more products to use daily to aid in SEO, content, and social media.

Besides that, Wincher is exactly as advertised in its philosophy: “We want to educate people in SEO by creating tools that are so simple that even your grandmother could use them.”

Choose Wincher if you want to use a tracking tool that is easy to set up, understand, digest, and access in other software you currently use.