Every successful SEO strategy demands time and a lot of effort.

If you own a small business or run your small team to expand the business, operating the business consumes enough time.

Building and establishing your website requires a deep focus.

What if you invest in putting out the best long-form articles that rarely get reads or spend months building backlinks that do not translate to higher traffic?

Not all businesses have the resources to perform trial and error.

Moreover, these strategies result in corresponding costs, which usually exceed your budget.

How can you mitigate wasting effort in creating and implementing SEO that does not work?

The solution is to have a reliable tool that monitors and measures your website growth.

Rank tracking tools function as a metric display of pretty charts and graphs.

Rank trackers like SpyFu allow you to know which features bring in website traffic, which content type works, and how you stand compared to your competition.

What is SpyFu?

SpyFu is a Search Engine Optimisation suite of tools that includes various functions.

The platform consists of an SEO Rank Tracker, Competitive Analysis, Google Ads Keywords Advisor, and Report Builder for your clients.

SpyFu allows users to “spy on” their competitors and see which strategies they can maximise to grow their website.

what is spyfu

Who created SpyFu?

Known initially as GoogSpy, Michael Roberts founded SpyFu in 2006.

The founder already has extensive experience in search marketing, which led to the launch of SpyFu.

SpyFu’s headquarters are in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Top benefits of SpyFu

The founder has worked for big clients across various industries and profoundly understands what businesses need to grow online.

SpyFu is one of the oldest rank trackers on the web, and users have benefitted from the platform with the following:

  • Optimise SEO strategies for your website

SpyFu comprises various products in its platform that help you keep track of ranks across the web.

Maximise and discover strategies to land your website at the top search results with other tools such as Competitor Analysis, Backlink Builder, Rank Tracking, and SERP Analysis.

  • Uncover keywords from your competitors

Don’t know which keywords to use for your content to outrank the competition?

SpyFu helps you uncover which keywords from Google Ads drive the best traffic to the top results in your niche.

  • Create multiple projects within the platform

Each marketing campaign can mean different keywords to rank in the SERPs.

With SpyFu, you can create, manage, and track unlimited projects and discover which strategies drive the best organic growth to your website.

Best features of SpyFu

Do more things with Spuyfu to grow your business or your client’s websites.

Maximise the following features in the platform to ensure that you always land on the top spot of search results.


SEO tools

Use SpyFu SEO tools to know how you rank and which metrics drive organic growth to your website.

Compare your current metrics to your direct competitors, and know which websites are ahead of yours.


PPC Competitor Research tools

SpyFu does not have the words Spy on its platform for nothing.

Know and understand which keywords your competitors buy from Google, and pattern your SEO strategies on competitor keywords that work.

ppc competitor tools

Keyword Research Tools

Create content, campaigns, and strategies from keyword research tools in SpyFu.

Uncover high-quality backlinks for specific keywords that you can use in your content. 


Report Generator

Are you an SEO Agency or a business that offers marketing and SEO services?

Provide reports for your client’s websites using SpyFu, and customise your brand in your outputs to reflect your business.



SpyFu has an API that allows users to access the rank tracker or other tools.

Integrate SpyFu into your custom app, workflow, or software to gain real-time data and results.

SpyFu Pricing

Refer below to pricing plans in SpyFu.

  • Free – free account use with limited features
  • Basic – $39/month or $33/month paid annually
  • Professional – $79/month or $58/month paid annually
  • Team – $299/month or $199/month paid annually

SpyFu Pros and Cons

Start creating your SEO campaigns and implement changes that will rank your website high on the web.

Use rank trackers of SpyFu and optimise your website online.

Here are some pros of SpyFu:


SpyFu Pros

✔︎ Affordable rank tracker

SpyFu has one of the most affordable price plans compared to its alternatives.

In hindsight, some platforms will charge you around $50 for a basic account, slowly increasing as users track more keywords.

✔︎ Comprehensive platform of SEO tools

SpyFu covers SEO, Competitive Analysis, Google Ads, and business features for SEO agencies.

It’s an encompassing platform that does not limit users to rank tracking work alone.

✔︎ Google Ads advisor is an edge

SpyFu takes its strength in its Google Ads Keyword Advisor feature.

Know more about your competitor’s keywords to understand how they rank online.

SpyFu is an in-depth platform that offers high value for money in its price plans.

While other platforms are more refined in other aspects, you should consider some factors before signing up for SpyFu.


SpyFu Cons

  • Lacks content tools

SpyFu focuses wholly on SEO work and rank-tracking features.

If you need a content optimiser or content services for your website, other alternatives offer these functions.

  • Interface looks dated

SpyFu started in 2006.

The platform design and UI and the website aesthetics may need refinement.

  • Limited to five user logins

Other platforms offer more user access in their business-tailored price plans.

SpyFu only allows up to five user logins in one Team plan.

What SpyFu champions in features and functions, it lacks in great style and design. 

If you want a smoother-looking rank tracker, the alternatives below are better in terms of looks and style.

SpyFu Alternatives

  • Nightwatch
  • Semrush
  • Wincher

Case Study: SpyFu breaks down data and analyses Allbirds, a footwear brand competing against the like of Nike and Adidas

Allbirds is a direct-to-consumer footwear brand that gained massive success in 2018.

The company has displayed a massive organic search growth and advertising effort, leading to billions in valuation.

Here’s how the company gained success online according to SpyFu features and functions:

✔︎ used high-value keywords to create their website structure and tailor content for specific products

✔︎ integrated backlinks to Allbird’s website come from affiliates

✔︎ localised the website based on customer locations

SpyFu offers a lot of features outside of its rank tracker to help businesses rank high.

The platform breaks down the data from the online activities of Allbirds and presents how this footwear became an emerging contender to the likes of Nike and Adidas.

SpyFu makes it easier for its users to understand how their competition gains the authority they still don’t possess.

Conclusion: Should you buy SpyFu?

Other platforms in the market offer more refined-looking rank trackers and SEO tools.

What’s the edge of SpyFu that others are not capitalising on?

The founder of SpyFu, Michael Roberts, is a master of search marketing and launched SpyFu more than a decade ago.

He built his business from spying on the competition, but his new plan suggests you turn your rivals into your best advisors.(from SpyFu)

The affordable platform offers users resources and actionable insights from Google Ads and search results.

Choose SpyFu as an alternative rank tracker that advises using keywords (from competitors) that already work.