The web is where you can find the strongest arena of competition among businesses in the same industry.

Business websites are the norm for businesses that need to get their products out there.

Chances are that your competitors are doing the same thing.

How do you know where you stand compared to your direct competitors for new business owners who are about to launch their websites?

Knowing your position in search engines will let you know if you are doing the right things to promote your site online.

Don’t spend a lot of time creating marketing strategies only for them to tank online and reach a minimal target audience.

Invest in the right tools to complete your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

There are platforms like Sitechecker that will help you get ahead.

Explore the platform and use these tools to know your current rankings in the SERPs.

What is Sitechecker?

Sitechecker is a rank tracker, among many other things it offers its users.

The platform is a complete SEO suite to let you check rankings and various technical aspects that affect SEO.

Indicative of its name, Sitechecker is a way for businesses to check the performance of their websites in popular search engines, giving users insight into how to rank high online.

Sitechecker Rank Tracker Review 2023

Who created Sitechecker?

Sitechecker is a relatively young platform compared to other rank trackers online.

The company, Boosta Inc., launched Sitechecker as a product for the SEO specialists of the company.

Eventually, in 2017, the company launched a new and improved Sitechecker as a consumer offering.


Top benefits of Sitechecker

Sitechecker is one of the best-regarded rank-tracking tools online.

Here are the benefits you will get from using Sitechecker:

  • Track website rankings across the biggest search engines from any city or country

Sitechecker has a rank tracker tool that helps users keep track of website rankings in the biggest search engines on the web.

Know where your website stands by putting the address on the search bar and waiting for Sitechecker to generate results.

what is sitechecker
  • Improve website rankings using Sitechecker

The suite of tools from Sitechecker offers a rank tracker and multiple products for SEO.

Whether you want to audit a site or keep tabs on your backlinks, access Sitechecker for its SEO tools.

  • Use SEO Chrome extension for accessible ranking metrics

One of the biggest things that set Sitechecker apart is its Chrome extension.

If you regularly use Google Chrome, integrate Sitechecker to get accessible rank trackings from the website you want to monitor.

Best features of Sitechecker

Sitechecker packs a lot of features and functions.

Whether you are a business owner about to launch your site or want to create a competitive online presence, maximise Sitechecker features below.


Sitechecker Rank Tracker

Know how your website ranks from your keywords.

Compare your current rankings to that of the top websites in the domain, so you’ll know which website to look out for.


Other SEO tools

Sitechecker’s other tools are the following: Website Crawler, Site Monitoring, Backlink Tracker, and On-Page SEO Checker.

These are tools you will need to improve your website and eventually rank high in the SERPs.


Free SEO tools for everybody

Who doesn’t love the free things that Sitechecker offers to everybody online?

Maximise the free tools from Sitechecker by signing up for an account on the website, and if there are features you want to unlock, that’s the time you need to pay for Sitechecker.


SEO Chrome Extension

Often, an extension makes SEO work more seamless when you have other things to do, such as writing content or checking web pages.

Use the Chrome extension plug-in of Sitechecker and get insights on to go, whether you are writing an article, checking site rankings, or searching for keywords to use.


Various resources and educational partnerships for users

The platform hosts partnerships with several universities to provide students with a discounted Sitechecker plan.

The team behind Sitechecker provides all types of resources to their partners to make training and educational use of Sitechecker more accessible.

Various resources and educational partnerships for users
Various resources and educational partnerships for users 2

Sitechecker Pricing

Refer below for Sitechecker’s price plans.

  • Free –  free use for seven days
  • Basic – $29/month or $23/month paid annually
  • Standard – $49/month or $39/month paid annually
  • Premium – $99/month or $79/month paid annually
  • Enterprise – $399/month or $319/month paid annually

Sitechecker Pros and Cons

Each SEO platform offers a different experience to its users.

While many of these tools remain, some are outstanding and continue to bring more value to their users.

Optimise your website and maximise Sitechecker advantages, as listed below:


Sitechecker Pros

✔︎ Comprehensive metrics for full coverage website performance on the web

Sitechecker provides some of the most relevant information for users who want a full report for current ranking and competitive analysis.

Sitechecker allows you to import files for the keyword directory, and generates the ranks of these keywords from your inputted website.

✔︎ Chrome extension is a huge pro

Tired of the hassle of switching tabs back and effort as you write content or keep track of social media platforms?

Install the Chrome plugin to get a more accessible Sitechecker on your screen.

✔︎ Sleek user interface 

Sitechecker has one of the sleekest interfaces among other rank-tracking software.

Information tends to clog the screen, making users experience difficulty understanding anything at first glance, which Sitechecker prevents with its dashboard view and customisable tables.

While Sitechecker is a new platform, it already provides an affordable, well-designed, and accessible rank tracker to businesses.

Before choosing Sitechecker, note the following disadvantages of the platform:


Sitechecker Cons

  • Sitechecker needs to upgrade the platform regularly

Sitechecker is relatively newer compared to other rank trackers online.

It is yet for the company to improve product offerings such as a more comprehensive keyword tool or a content optimiser.

  • No integrations with other software or tools

Sitechecker does not feature any collection of tools or software you can use within the platform.

There is no way for users to combine both Sitechecker and any current tool used for SEO.

  • Occasional platform crashes or glitches

It’s natural for platforms to experience some glitches regularly.

Sitechecker sometimes experiences the occasional hiccup from improvements or updates in the platform, so watch out.

As a younger suite of SEO tools, there are more improvements that the team from Boosta Inc. can implement.

If you’re looking for some alternatives to Sitechecker, check some other rank trackers below:

Sitechecker Alternatives

  • Semrush
  • SE Ranking
  • Accuranker

Case Study: Editing service business uses Sitechecker to increase website traffic

Sebastian Szydlowski, owner of the editing business,, wanted to increase visibility of the new business website.

Using Sitechecker, Sebastian Szydlowski was able to do the following:

✔︎ track ranking changes on the website

✔︎ monitor the backlinks of the website to make changes in strategies in increasing brand awareness

✔︎ analyse the website and all web pages weekly to implement some changes to the content

The website of showed an increase in 50% organic traffic within months of using Sitechecker.

In as fast as two months, the business was ranking higher in SERPs, making the business more established online.

With Sitechecker’s Rank Tracker and the insights from every SEO audit that the business performs to its website weekly.

Conclusion: Should you buy Sitechecker?

All businesses who are looking for a reliable tool should consider Sitechecker.

Sitechecker is one of the most affordable rank trackers in the market.

The suite of SEO tools from this platform provides high value for its price.

Moreover, the free tools from Sitechecker already give users a lot of ways to apply some SEO changes.

The only time you should not buy Sitechecker is if you want a more comprehensive platform that offers Content Optimisation products, Social Media Marketing tools, or SEO services from partner agencies.

Choose Sitechecker for the number of products, both free and paid, and its ability to make things more accessible to you when you are using Google Chrome as your browser.

Conclusion Should you buy Sitechecker