Is your Search Engine Optimisation strategy working?

The problem is that many businesses and teams can generate campaigns and get creative with marketing.

The question is whether or not these plans work well.

If the business is gaining more organic traffic and revenue, then it’s great.

If you don’t want to gamble on months of hard work and large budgets to implement the best SEO strategies, investing in the necessary tools is non-negotiable.

Tools like SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker can automatically help you find your place on the web.

Discover your current ranking among thousands of websites competing for the same search words.

Get ahead of your competitors by knowing their current website makeup and using it as an example for yours.

What is SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker?

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker is one of the web’s most highly-regarded rank-tracking software.

SEO PowerSuite comprises multiple tools and products that help website owners and businesses execute the best SEO practices.

Use SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker to check ranks for endless keywords, compare desktop and mobile website rankings, and optimise local user searches.

what is seo powersuite rank tracker
what is seo powersuite rank tracker 2

Who created SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker?

Aleh Barysevich and Yuri Bitno are the founders of SEO PowerSuite.

The suite of SEO tools, including the rank tracker, was founded in 2005.

The current headquarters of the company is in Minsk, Belarus.


Top benefits of SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker

A rank tracking software like SEO PowerSuite will help you keep track of your business.

Here are some other things that you will benefit from SEO PowerSuite.

  • Keep track of website rankings using a customisable dashboard

You can take advantage of many rankings to keep your website on the top results.

While the typical Google search engine is the primary goal, you can still track your rank standings in SEO PowerSuite’s database of 597 search engines.

  • Use the most relevant SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker tools to your advantage

If you want to track your website’s ranking to look at your competition, set up custom dashboards with the tools of your choice.

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker suite has a SERP Analyser, Local Rank Checker, Youtube Rank Checker, and Competitor Rank Checker to monitor all ranking metrics.

  • Gain access to more SEO PowerSuite tools and software

SEO PowerSuite is not only a rank-tracking tool for businesses.

The entire platform also offers software for website audit, keyword research, link assistance, SEO spy tools, SEO reporting, and API packs for accessibility.

Best features of SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker

Don’t know which tools from SEO PowerSuite can help catapult your SEO strategy?

Below are the best features of the platform to get you started.


Rank Tracker suite

Track keywords that rank your competition high in the search results.

Analyse the reasons other business websites are ahead of yours and use this information to apply SEO changes.


Backlink checker suite

Do you want to know how your website stands in terms of domain authority?

Use SEO Powesuite’s SEO Spyglass tools for backlink checks and backlink analysis.


Content Optimisation suite

Content makes your website stand out and gain authority among the searches.

Produce top-quality content and ensure you rank high by using the SEO content optimiser tool to create your website piece.


Keyword Research suite

Keywords land your website among the top results because of the common searches of users.

Your goal is to get the best keywords that rank your business and use these terms in your website.


Technical SEO suite

Website rankings have more to do than just using and integrating said keywords in the content.

Technical website aspects affect your site’s authority, so know how your website performs using the technical SEO suite from SEO PowerSuite.

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker Pricing

Refer below for the prices of SEO PowerSuite tools:

  • Free – free for use as long as you want via email signup and software download
  • Professional – $299/year
  • Enterprise – $499/year

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker Pros and Cons

SEO PowerSuite has some of the best features in the market.

There’s a reason it has been one of the leading rank-tracking software since its launch more than a decade ago.

Here are some of the pros of this rank-tracking tool.


SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker Pros

✔︎ Has tons of tools for SEO packages

SEO PowerSuite has many SEO tools to help businesses with all aspects of SEO.

Since the focus is not only on keeping track of rankings, businesses can continuously optimise strategies to rank high.

✔ Generous free account

The platform offers a huge advantage for businesses that are keeping a budget in terms of SEO.

The free download only requires signup so that SEO PowerSuite can send a download link.

seo powersuite rank tracker pros

✔︎ Affordable plans compared to other rank-tracking software in the market

The price for a professional account is only $299 per year, amounting to about $25 per month.

The price is comparatively low compared to other rank-tracking platforms.

SEO PowerSuite is a comprehensive set of tools offered at a lower rate.

No matter how much you will pay for the software, there are some things you need to consider, such as:

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker Cons

  • User interface can be dated and clunky

SEO PowerSuite is older than most rank-tracking tools.

The interface and design of the platform can be less seamless than others.

  • SEO PowerSuite runs under Java

Users need to download SEO PowerSuite and run the software under Java.

Since it is not a web app, it may cause some user issues.

  • It can take a while to learn

SEO PowerSuite takes a higher learning curve than others.

The variety of tools can take time to integrate and the whole platform.

SEO PowerSuite is a bit different from other rank-tracking tools, so you’ll need to make more effort to maximise the use of the platform.

Consider the alternatives below if you want a more sleek rank-tracking platform that offers a smoother experience.

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker Alternatives

  • Semrush
  • SpyFu
  • SE Ranking

Case Study: 2 Dogs Media uses SEO PowerSuite for its business

2 Dogs Media is a company by Jill Caren that offers SEO services and WordPress development.

Over the years, 2 Dogs Media has slowly transformed its blog as a useful resource for users and used SEO PowerSuite to apply changes to its articles, such as:

✔︎ Analyse keywords in the articles to note their rankings compared to others

✔︎ Compare the current authority of the article webpages to beat competition for certain keywords

✔︎ Add more articles to the blog using the entire suite

2 Dogs Media may have offered its SEO services to its clients, but ended up not improving its blogs.

When the website owner decided to optimise the blogs for anybody, not just their clients, the growth of the entire website began to increase.

Using SEO PowerSuite’s website auditor, keyword research tool, and rank tracking tools, Jill Carren applied big changes to outdated and unoptimised articles to optimise the website.

Conclusion: Should you buy SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker?

SEO PowerSuite is a set of tools to help users achieve the best SEO strategies.

It is not only focused on rank tracking work that monitors website ranks against the competition.

Establishing an online presence is more than just noting where you are in the search results.

It comprises many aspects that help you uncover which parts of your website need improvement.

Start keeping track of your website rankings.

Choose SEO PowerSuite if you need an affordable set of tools, and if you are looking to maximise the use of many SEO functions, not just rank trackers that focus on one aspect of SEO.

should you buy seo powersuite rank tracker