Search  Engine Optimisation is not a one-stop-shop process.

There are many things business owners need to consider when establishing a sustainable presence on the internet.

The scope of SEO covers everything from social media platform presence to organic content and keywords.

Google’s algorithms alone can sway people from your website, and it is something that often changes.

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), which websites rank for, are getting smarter every day.

In short, SEO is a very time-consuming move to ensure that you will gain authority in the search results.

Without the tools to monitor your website, how can you tell your website is improving its place over time?

Using SEO rank tracker tools like SE Ranking, is key to knowing how your website fares against millions of others.

Don’t let the work of tracking keep you from working on your website.

What is SE Ranking?

Every year, venture companies offer their rank tracker tools in the market.

SE Ranking is one of the most prominent tools in SEO that started in 2012.

The platform offers products such as Keyword Rank Tracker, Website Audit, and SERP Checker.

Who created SE Ranking?

Valery Kurylau founded SE Ranking and also serves as its current CEO.

The main headquarters of the company is in London, Great Britain.

The company currently employs around 200 people from across the globe.


Top benefits of SE Ranking

SE Ranking offers a full suite of SEO products for website owners.

Besides being a rank tracker, below are some of the best benefits of SE Ranking:

  • Track ranking that ranges from entrepreneur to enterprise websites

One of the best things that SE Ranking is known for is its rank-tracking tool.

Know more about where your website stands, competitor analysis, and generate SEO reports with  Ranking.

  • Access a wide range of tools to improve website SEO 

More than the rank tracking tool, SE Ranking offers a comprehensive platform of SEO tools.

If you are a beginner, working your way to ranking high in the SERPs, using SE Ranking will help you gain more insight into your website’s current standing on the web.

  • Learn more about SEO topics

SE Ranking also provides a blog as an additional resource for users.

The SE Ranking Blog covers Content, Link Building, Google SERP, Digital Marketing, SEO Strategy, and Technical SEO.

Best features of SE Ranking

SE Ranking has established its products and offerings since its launch a decade ago.

The platform does not lack the most crucial features for beginners, and below are some of the best features of SE Ranking:


Rank Tracker tool

Monitor the current position of your website in the Google SERPs and identify the keywords that bring the highest traffic.

Analyse competition by viewing their current positions and studying their best SEO practices.


Other SEO Tools

There are other tools for SEO in SE Ranking, such as Website Audit, where SE Ranking scores your website and provides recommendations for improvements.

Other products of SE Ranking for SEO are Backlink Checker, Marketing and SEO Plan, and On-Page SEO Checker.


Competitor Analysis Tool

Want to know how your competition fares against the other bigger competitors in your niche?

Gather insights and data on your competition via competitive research, which provides metrics on keywords, global data, and ads.


Additional B2B Features

Do you want to offer SEO services with tailor-fitted tools to your brand?

Browse some of SE Ranking’s B2B tools, such as Lead Generator, API, and White Label SEO Tools, to ensure that your business has the best tools for use.


Content Marketing Tool

SE Ranking currently launched its Content Tool to guide marketers, copywriters, and bloggers to create the best content.

Use Content briefs, Content Builders, Content Optimisers, and Content Checkers to ensure that your articles and copies are impeccable and highly targeted.

Content Marketing Tool

SE Ranking Pricing

The subscription plans for SE Ranking are customisable to the frequency of rank tracking for the website.

Below are the price plans of SE Ranking that allows users daily use of the rank tracker:

  • Free trial – free use of SE Ranking for fourteen days
  • Essential – $39/month or $31.20/month paid annually
  • Pro – $89/month or $71.20/month paid annually
  • Business – $189/month or $151.20/month paid annually

SE Ranking Pros and Cons

SE Ranking has established a steady number of users over the years.

While it continues to provide valuable SEO tools, it is better to weigh both sides of the platform.

Let’s start with the pros of SE Ranking:

SE Ranking Pros

✔︎ SE Ranking offers some of the most affordable plans for a rank tracker

Compared to Semrush and Ahrefs, SE Ranking offers a relatively cheaper price plan.

For a fraction of the price of other SEO suites, SE Ranking already provides an affordable option for SEO beginners.

✔︎ B2B Features are a huge advantage for SEO professionals and SEO agencies

The B2B suite is highly favourable for businesses that want to offer SEO services.

Design, structure, and implement results and outputs using SE Ranking that reflects your brand and business.

✔︎ Easy to set up

SE Ranking is a straightforward platform in terms of setup.

Create an account and give the platform a rundown before performing SEO functions for your destination website.

SE Ranking is a reliable platform that does not come with a hefty price tag compared to other big platforms.

However, what it champions in price and value compromises some disadvantages, such as those listed below.


SE Ranking Cons

  • Custom plans for rank-tracking features can be confusing

The pricing page of SE Ranking presents two customisable toggles to reflect its different price plans.

The top toggle is for the frequency of rank tracking you can perform with corresponding price changes, and the bottom toggle is for the payment options for the platform.

SE Ranking Cons
  • Only the Business Plans have options for API

The use of API is limited to Business plans.

You can’t integrate other tools you already use unless you use a Business Plan.

  • SE Ranking has many features—it can look intimidating and challenging to use

Information overload on screen is real, which comes from the products of SE Ranking.

If you are a beginner in SEO, the comprehensive suite of tools from SE Ranking can take a lot of work to learn and implement.

SE Ranking comes with its limitations in various products.

The platform has yet to grow and add more products that can provide an overall SEO impact; best consider other alternatives that offer additional products and services.

SE Ranking Alternatives

  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Yoast

Case Study: Star Beer USA ranks high and dominates the American audience with their products using SEO

Star Beer USA specialises in beverages and imports Nigerian Lager intending to distribute from California to Texas.

Standing against giants in the same industry, Star Beer USA employs the help of Boulder SEO Marketing (BSM), which uses SE Ranking to do the following:

✔︎ Build a solid backlink within the Star Beer USA Wikipedia page to redirect visitors to the official Star Beer USA website

✔︎ Create high-quality content to add value and make the company more appealing to its target audience

✔︎ Keep close track of Star Beer USA rankings in the search engines and tweak any SEO tactics to stay relevant in its target SERPs

Star Beer USA ranked number one in the search terms: Star Beer, Star Beer USA, Star Lager, and Cold filter lager.

Even better, BSM was able to help their client outrank industry giants within four months of the implementation of SEO strategies.

BSM continues to add keywords that Star Beer USA can rank for within the SERPs.

Conclusion: Should you buy SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is a competitive option for SEO professionals, marketers, and writers.

The platform hosts various tools that are key instruments in starting SEO.

Nevertheless, there are certain pitfalls that you should consider before using SE Ranking.

If you need a more comprehensive platform that offers more products and services for SEO, the likes of Semrush and Ahrefs are more suitable for you.

SE Ranking best suits beginners in SEO work with a limited budget.

Choose SE Ranking if you need an affordable rank tracker tool with limitations for the number of keywords you can use in its rank tracking tool.