Let’s face it: You are not the only business in your niche or industry.

Though you may have strategies and aspects entirely yours, many things about your products or services are not.

Others are regularly updating and redesigning their websites and businesses.

If you don’t have any way of knowing how your business is performing, how do you know which aspects to improve?

With customers and clientele making social media a reference, businesses are busy building content daily on these platforms.

While your competition is busy putting out a refined website and building its social media presence, where do you stand?

In reality, many beginners starting in website development and social media platforms will need help keeping track of numbers and changes.

Investing in SEO tools like rank tracking software like Nightwatch should be part of your options.

These tools will help you position your website, frame content, and track ranks regularly.

What is Nightwatch?

Nightwatch is a rank tracker tool that helps users understand how to drive website traffic.

Website owners that aim to grow their business and build a solid visitor base need to know the most recent ranks of their websites on search engines.

Using a tool such as Nightwatch will help you know which keywords to use on your website, resulting in more accurate rank tracking of your business versus competitors.


Who created Nightwatch?

Nightwatch was founded and launched in 2014. 

With a small team of around twenty members, the company’s initial goal is to create Nightwatch as a new and improved version of its predecessor, Ranktrackr.

The company’s current headquarters is in Slovenj Gradec, Koroska.

Nightwatch Rank Tracker Review 2023

Top benefits of Nightwatch

Start your journey to increase organic traffic using rank-tracking tools.

The Nightwatch rank tracker is a valuable tool for the following reasons:

  • Get accurate rank results from your keywords

The biggest strength of Nightwatch is its accuracy.

Get data from more than 100,000 locations worldwide for your selected keyword.

  • Understand where the traffic comes from

Do you want to grow your local traffic and gain more customers and clients within your geographical reach?

Nightwatch helps you grow and rank websites that are within your area.

  • Optimise your business website 

Nightwatch has a site audit function to help you optimise On-Page SEO.

Make technical matters about your website easier to understand and resolve with the Nightwatch site audit.

Best features of Nightwatch

Transform your website into a top result in the SERPs.

Use the following features of Nightwatch to gradually make your way to the top one of the searches:


Rank Tracker

Analyse your site’s rank to uncover areas or terms you can use to rank higher across the search engines.

Create segments in your ranking to know which types of content bring the best traffic to your website.



Are you providing SEO services to other clients and businesses?

Generate custom reports that reflect your brand and present these reports to your clients

Best features of Nightwatch

Site Audit

Building a website requires work, which means the bigger your website becomes, the more holes there will be in your audit.

Discover broken links, missing information, and meta descriptions, and run a complete check with Nightwatch Site Audit to fix your website’s code and design.


Keyword Discovery

Don’t know which keywords to use for your content overall SEO strategy?

Use the Keyword Discovery feature of Nightwatch by entering your URL to generate a list of highly searched terms you can use in your written content.


Mobile and Desktop rankings

Mobile and desktop searches often vary due to the convenience factor of devices.

Know which device type brings in more clicks to your site so you can structure your content accordingly.

Nightwatch Pricing

Refer below for the pricing plans of Nightwatch.

  • Free – free use for 14 days
  • 250 keywords – $39/month or $32/month paid annually
  • 5,000 keywords – $399/month or $319/month paid annually
  • 10,000 keywords – $699/month or $559/month paid annually
  • More than 10,000 keywords – Contact Nightwatch for quotation

Nightwatch Pros and Cons

Nightwatch is an emerging top choice for a growing number of users every day.

It is a rank tracker that is gaining traction due to its performance.

Here are some of the pros of Nightwatch compared to its competition:

Nightwatch Pros

✔︎ Sleek user interface

Nightwatch has one of the sleekest interfaces in comparison to other platforms.

The dashboard for the rank tracker is spotless and simple, and users can switch to darker themes for less glare when watching rank tracking changes at night.

✔︎ Accurate rank tracker tool

The scope of Nightwatch is easily one of its best features, presenting both local and global search results.

Nightwatch’s powerful tracker connects not only to random data centres but to all data centres in various locations around the globe.

✔︎ Configurable filters and views

The ability to change and sort different filters contributes to Nightwatch’s sleek interface.

You can access information and current rankings with your selected criteria.

Nightwatch is an accurate rank tracker that is easy to use and provides accessible reports to its users.

Despite its easy-looking interface, there are things that you may miss out on, so consider the following disadvantage of this rank-tracking tool below.

Nightwatch Cons

  • It is a more expensive alternative

The price plans of Nightwatch are more expensive than others.

Since the prices are based on the number of keywords you want to search, you are only paying for one function, which is rank tracking.

  • Does not have a mobile app

Nightwatch does not have a mobile app.

You can only check your phone for changes in ranking if you are willing to access Nightwatch on the browser, a very inconvenient way of viewing the dashboard.

  • Limited modification of the dashboard

There is little you can do with the look of the dashboard except to change themes or colours.

The tabs, sidebars, and other features are in place, and all you can modify are the filters and views.

Nightwatch is a precise tool that primarily acts as a rank tracker for websites.

If you want a more comprehensive platform that provides other functions, alternatives are better for your consideration.

Nightwatch Alternatives

  • Semrush
  • Advanced Web Ranking
  • Raven Tools

Case Study: Nightwatch increases its Twitter Engagement in a month

Nightwatch wants to grow its social media presence organically.

Anybody who skips on using social media platforms is risking the chance of gaining more revenue, and Nightwatch does the following:

✔︎ keep tabs on the ranking and metrics of the official Nightwatch account

✔︎ create strategies to increase organic traffic and users on its Twitter account

✔︎ monitor other accounts and tweet relevant and engaging information to its followers

The team behind Nightwatch was busy building its product, putting its Twitter account on hold.

The past tweets of the company were the typical linked articles and blogs on their website.

Using their tools and monitoring the current positions of the account, the company doubled its followers by posting engaging and strategic tweets.

Conclusion: Should you buy Nightwatch?

Nightwatch is a rank tracker software that succeeds from Ranktrackr.

It is one of the sharpest-looking rank-tracking tools, providing a clean overall look while users access ranking data.

Moreover, the platform values accuracy and precision in its rankings.

Nevertheless, using Nightwatch can be a costly move for your company.

If you are working on a limited budget and on tons of keywords to rank for your website, consider other rank trackers instead.

Choose Nightwatch to have the most accurate ranks for websites, moreover maximise its features by keeping tabs on multiple websites using your subscription plan.